Beautiful Friends

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Check list.. check and re check..

Minutes, days and sometimes even months of preparation goes into planning while traveling to another city or country… How much have I planned for my ultimate journey?

Choosing the best clothes, accessories … check my list.. check and re check... 

But have I chosen the best deeds to be presented on the Day of Judgment and be proud of having them written against my name?

Medicines packed just in case I fall sick.. even though you would easily get medicines in whichever corner of the globe you go to...

What about medicines for the hereafter? The ultimate medicine: Salah (prayer).. the best antidote for any type of sin in your heart big or small… I struggled to take it five times a day, how costly would that be today on a Day when no recompense would be allowed and no time to postpone the judgment?

Let us remind each other... let us remind each other... let us remind each other...

Picture taken while the karate students performing solah yesterday at the club..

Something yang Ibu copy paste dari wall seorang kakak ni. Deep.. direct kena diri sendiri..

And sepatutnya pada sesiapa sahaja yang membaca ayat-ayat di atas jugak terasa seperti mana yang Ibu rasakan..

Ada yang terasa tak??


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