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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Glorious 40 & "Happy Birthday" to me..

Here I am, at the age of 40.. a wife with a wonderful and forever loving husband and a mother of three  active handsome boys sitting alone in my lil-kitchen again. Something about turning this particular age makes it different from all the previous birthdays, and it's often strongly resisted. Is it true 40 is a very dangerous number? Is it true life only begins at 40? Is it true 40 is the "prime age"? whereby its considered as a time for Pleasures and Opportunities of the New Middle Age. For all of the the abovesaid, I can't be bothered much with it.

For me, life is very simple..

Live lively to the fullest while you're still breathing. 

You'll never know...

Some say, 40 reflect the ambivalence, unease and anxiety that afflict so many people. But I do confessed for sometimes feeling the emptiness accompany with loss. Being an active me (that's how I see myself), I always wonder "what to do next?". The way I see it, for 40, seemingly limitless possibilities are felt to be ending, ambitions remain unfulfilled, physical energy is often diminished, and death becomes more of a reality. But praise to Lord, when you have faith and strong will.. none of it can make you depress or jeopardized your self esteem.

Honestly and sincerely, at the age of 40.. I am very much and rather preferred to have my life as wonderful, cheerful, colourful, meaningful and definitely full of good things and never ending happiness. I want to spent my whole life forever with my loving husband. And of course very much want to see all my boys excel and turns becoming great men with many great achievements. 

May Allah always have His mercy and love on me. Barakah-alaik.


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