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Sunday, April 29, 2012

SUKANEKA bersama M.A.K

So lively.. don't you agree??

Hi all,

27th April, 2012 is sure a date to be remembered for we sure had fun on that day. Held on that day was SUKANEKA anjuran M.A.K. It was a great event if I must say. Though with only small crowd, the even went successfully and very lively. The kids had fun. Me and my husband had fun. And the food was great too. For the event, it was on potluck basis. Well, we're sure fortunate because all the moms, ladies and also the young bachelors were so kind enough to come with variety of yummy super delicious food, dessert and more. 

Well, if was really a good effort done by the new M.A.K committee members. Although the weather was a bit warm, but the response were very overwhelming. I said so because my kids are still talking about it until now. All those games prepared for the kids were simple yet very entertaining. But the best part of it, the spirit of "gotong-royong" were shown in almost every aspect during the SUKANEKA.

Come, lets us share some happy moments during the SUKANEKA.

The "guessing" game..

I haven't got a clue what Haazem is doing..

The teh tarik with marbles

Three good friends

Ais-kerim Malaysia in Kuwait

The famous Uncle Mady with his goodies bag

Poor Amsyar.. ini pun jadi "subject" jugak...

Azim Fanta Oren, our Mr DJ for the day

The kids table

The ladies.. tengah bz mengarang pantun

Ni tengah mengarang pantun ke.. atau sembang kedai kopi??

Capt Malik.. one of our Mr. Papparazi

Orang KUAT for M.A.K 2012-2013

Iklan M.A.K ini adalah F.O.C

Cik Asben the Predator..

Bekas kedap udara yang sangat sesuai untuk masak Meggi.. ^_^

Last but not least, they also have me in candids..

 The typical ME..

Bekal untuk SUKANEKA

Nota kaki;
Sebahagian dari gambar-gambar di dalam entri ini adalah dari koleksi FB Sis. Fairuz... mintak halalkan ya Kak Ros.

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