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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amsyar & Cha Kuey Tiaw Mali's Corner - Danau Kota.

Let me tell you, this dish is on top of all Amsyar's wishlist of makan-makan. Kalau dapat tiap-tiap hari pun dia sanggup. My son is a "hantu" cha kuey tiaw. Back in Kuwait, he always asked me to cook this dish but ended with me serving him with multi-version of it. Biasa laa, kita bukan jenis terer masak segala benda kan kan kan.

So last year, one of our adiksss in Kuwait (Ajim Fanta Oren) told me and Cik Asben about this famous Mali's Corner in Danau Kota. A bit unfortunate, we weren't able to try it at that time (during summer vacation last year) because the place was out of tables. Furthermore, it was raining heavily so we have to agree dining in the other shop just next to Mali's Corner. 

Well, guess what. This year Amsyar got his wishlist came true. Even better, the last year shop that we were dining in has apparently turn out to be Mali's property now too. Maju sungguh.. More space meaning more customer. As long as they preserved the same taste. Otherwise, its worthless.

Senyum simpul.. 2 pinggan tu babe..

Waktu ni Arif dah mula teruk cirit-birit & muntah-muntah..
Poor Arif..

- Dua hero Malaya -
Ina's & mine..

We had so much fun plus a full stomach. But since Arif was not feeling very well, so we have to make the makan-makan treat short. Insya'Allah, selepas raya we shall go there again and hope this time Arif will be in good health so that he can enjoy the good food too. FYI, besides cha kuey tiaw they also served other dishes.

Okey, jom layan lagu pulak. La ni all my 3 boys tersangatttt la suka dengar lagu ni. Don't ask me why but.. dah selera dia orang..


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