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Sunday, July 8, 2012

I am a "fighther"..

Ello all,

Lagi cerita pasal bab makan. Seperti juga tahun lepas, jarang sekali Ibu masak sarapan ketika di rumah Omak. Reason, Omak owns  2 small stall which selling nasik lemak with all sort varieties of lauk-pauk. Ramai yang tanya kenapa tak bukak "Restoran" sahaja? Don't let me starts with all the "membebel" but to make it short.. we have gone through all sort of hassles while looking high and low for the right shop. Not to mention all those "underground" and "under table" protocol that we have to undergo while applying for the license. Even until now, my mom still kena "paw" once in a while. Macam mana la orang Melayu nak maju kalau Melayu jugak yang menjatuhkan Melayu.

So, since she loves to cook so much, love to make friend.. we call her "manis luar dalam" for she the person yang sangat suka senyum, sangat baik hati, suka melayan orang which at the end.. ended-up kena tipu.. tak reti nak duduk diam.. so at the end after retiring from MAS, she decided to berniaga nasi lemak kecil-kecilan. Alhamdulillah, from 1, to 2, and insya'Allah she will be opening her 3rd stall soon. Operating from 7am to 10.30am everyday. Soooo.. why must I masak sarapan kan kan kan. I can just pick any lauk, any kuih or anyhing from her stall.

And since ramadhan is almost approaching, I take it as a challenge for me to finish the marathon of makan-makan at her stall. A least 2 types of lauk per day. Ibu tak berapa boleh enjoy makan kalau lauk banyak sangat. But still, it won't be sufficient because I'm not really into sambal tumis. Meaning, banyak lauk laa yang I won't eat.

Okey, come.. let me just share 2 portion of nasik lemak from my mom's stall that I had earlier. Biasanya Ibu akan kenyang sampai ke petang. That is why I loveeee so much being back in Malaysia. I can still makan-makan (all that I want) and at the same time.. getting slimmer.. Bukti, now I have to wear belt. Seluar dah longgar... yayyy and more YAYYYYYY!!!!!

The earlier portion..
- Sambal kerang & ayam masak merah -

Padan muka sendri..
This will happen if you tapau nasi lemak at 10am.
Semua dah habissss...
- nasi lemak with ayam rendang -
Actually I ordered ayam rendang with telur mata cair and hati ayam.

Now, Ibu want to share my happy mood with this song. The rational of this song with my entry, I am a "fighter" in my own way. Makan, makan and makannnnnn lagi..

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