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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A DAY.. yesterday..

At last.. finally.. akhirnya..
Sampai jugak hajat kami nak kelur makan tengah hari bersama bagi meraikan Haazem and Amsyar recent achievement. A promise is a promise. Jangan selalu berjanji, kemudian tidak ditunaikan. Its a very bad habbit. Even in our religion, those who did not honor their promise can be labeled as "munafik". Whereas, in a long term perspective it will be a mark in your kids memories that their parents is not responsible as they claimed to be.

Actually, this is not our first visit to Fish Market Restaurant. And honestly, I know what the significant about this place that made Cik Asben wanted so much to come here again. Well, staying in a small country like Kuwait.. mana sangat laa kami nak pergi. Pusing-pusing, ended-up tempat yang sama jugak. Or, order-punya-order.. makan benda yang alomost similar jugak.

Maybe, I'm not so into seafood as Cik Asben is. Nevertheless, the food was delicious. And far more important, the kids were happy and enjoying their quality time. 

Our first dish

Sedikit menghampakan, too sweet

Favorite Amsyar

Out of 4 pieces, only 2 survived for photo session

My portion, makan mee goreng jer..

Menu ke-6

Menu ke-7

1 for Amsyar
2.9 for Cik Asben
& 0.1 for me

Me and Manja

Abg Amsyar with his new shirt
Thanks Alya, Sofiya, Ayuni & Mia

My Cinonet

Muka kenyang + mengantuk
& thanks sayang dan b/p anak-anak
"terima kasih Ayah"

Tengah panas pun sempat gak posing

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