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Sunday, May 27, 2012

My guilty pleasure..

Joy Sunday morning.

Alhamdulillah.. No more sand-storm. No more dusty day. No more hazy weekend. No more smothering air. And no more "quarantine". Life is back to normal. NORMAL means.. Ibu going to be very busy with dusting, vacuum, moping and all those house cleaning routines after a week of fierce sand-storm. 

So fortunate that Haazem is on an exam break today so he'll be busy entertaining Arif as well as being Arif's "partner-in-crime". Work can be done much easier when the two boys are occupied with their things. You can't simply be comfortable when your eyes just seeing all those sand dust here and there. As far as I'm concerned, my life won't be at peace before the house is clean as it should.

Nevertheless, the idea of indulging myself is a good idea too. An hour or two of reading your favorite novel won't be a threat I presumed. What harm can it brings when you're so relax with a book in your hand, the kids are enjoying their favorite cd in the room and lunch is already in progress. Unless, if you're so carried away with the novel that you're so lost and glued to it and doesn't mind at all either the boys have taken their meal, done their homework etcetera etcetera etcetera.

Well, I love the idea of getting myself ready for a new experience, a chapter after another. I hope a new author would helps. Since my last visit to Jacob's book store, I still haven't got any new novel from Bertrice Small. The first novel was fantastic. The second novel, accidentally left in the airplanes during my last summer vacation, and such what a pity. The third novel, finished in just one week. Until then, I haven't got anything new from her. So yesterday, Jacob recommended to me "Lisa Kleypas". He claimed that Lisa Kleypas is also a good author when it comes to historical romance story. I just hope she is as good as Bertrice Small.

We shall see then..

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