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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The beautiful Oman..

Turtle-watching at Ras al Jinz
The nation’s most memorable wildlife spectacle: hundreds of Green turtles hauling themselves up out of the ocean to lay their eggs on this remote Sharqiya beach.

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
A splendid example of modern Islamic architecture – and also the only mosque in the country open to non-Muslims.

Muttrah Souk
Oman’s most colorful souk is a disorienting labyrinth of tiny alleyways piled high with a bewildering array of exotic merchandise.

Khor ash Sham
Take a dhow cruise through Musandam’s most spectacular khor (fjord), keeping an eye out for pods of frolicking dolphins.

Dhofar (Zafar) during the khareef
Arabia with a difference, as the arid mountains encircling Salalah turn green during the annual khareef (monsoon).

Al Ayn
Magical cluster of Bronze Age beehive tombs atop a ridge at the edge of the Western Hajar.

Personable old port town, with a beautiful harbor and waterfront, and the last surviving dhow yard in the sultanate.

Hiking in the Western Hajar
Tackle one of the exhilarating hiking routes which crisscross the airy heights and dramatic wadis of this stunning mountain range.

Frankincense (kemenyan)
Aromatic wafts of frankincense smoke pervade every corner of the country, from traditional souks to modern hotels.

Jebel Harim

Follow the road up into the spectacular mountains of inland Musandam, looking out for cave dwellings, bizarre rock formations, fossils and petroglyphs en route.

Saiq Plateau
Refreshingly breezy mountain plateau, dotted with a string of spectacular traditional villages teetering on the brink of the cavernous Wadi al Ayn.

Jabrin Fort
Of the five-hundred-odd forts scattered around the country, this is the finest: an absorbing maze of a place showcasing some of the country’s most memorable traditional architecture and interiors.

Misfat al Abryeen
Traditional Oman at its most magical, with a time-warped cluster of antiquated mud-brick houses in a lofty mountain setting.

Explore an unspoiled underwater paradise of colorful corals and magnificent marine life.

The Rustaq Loop
Absorbing journey though the inland Batinah in the shadow of the Western Hajar, boasting some of the country’s finest forts and most scenic wadis.

Oman’s most historic town, with a picture-perfect huddle of souks and sand-colored buildings clustered around one of the country’s mightiest forts.

A night in the desert
Sleep out amid the vast dunes of the Wahiba Sands or Rub al Khali under a sky full of stars.

Jebel Shams and Wadi Nakhr
The country’s highest peak, tumbling dramatically into the depths of Wadi Nakhr, Oman’s “Grand Canyon”.

Wadi Bani Auf
The classic Omani off-road drive, straight down the near-vertical escarpment of the Western Hajar via the idyllic village of Bilad Sayt and the spectacular Snake Canyon to the plains below.

Sebelum tu kasi penuh ini tabung dulu haaaa..


  1. Subahanallah... memang indah Oman tu ..

    Tabung last sekali kena penuh ye ibu Sham:)

  2. Subhanallah sham.cantiknya
    rezeki Sham dapat kesana..

  3. Nur Hayati,
    Tabung tu ntah bila la nak penuh..
    Sekali isi.. 2-3 keping jer..

  4. Acik..
    Sham tak sampai pun laei ko Oman.
    Tu gambar dapek kek Google jo..

  5. indahnya pemandangan negara org ... klu dah berhajat , insha Allah .


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