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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bbq - family treat

The riyash

The butter prawn

Morning all (kat Malaysia dah lepas lunch hour ni)
Actually me and Cik Asben have been planning to do this for the past 2-3 days. Saja suka-suka makan anak-beranak. My Cik Asben is really a "riyash" lovers. He can go all the way up to 10 keping riyash. Crazy huh.. just imagining the cholesterol.. but again.. ubat kan ada.

So yesterday the moment he reaches home, terus tukar baju and keluarkan all the gadgets etc. This time we're lucky to get just a little extra help from Amsyar and Haazem. Seronok jugak bila tengok anak-anak sama sibuk tolong dalam operasi kali ni. But Haazem was only around for a while, lepas tu dia lepak tidur. I'm guessing he's just too tired from one whole day of main, main, mainnnnn lagi. Whereas Amsyar, beyond my expectations, not just so busy helping out his father but also later so occupied with the "makan-makan". Lapar sangat la tu. Again I'm so surprised to see him eating almost 4-5 keping riyash. Memang malam ini dalam sejarah la.Sambil mulut dok mengunyah sambil tu jugak la dok puji riyash prepared his father sedap la, lembut la, secukup rasa.. and the compliments goes on and on and on.

While Arif timing was indeed sangat la bagus because the moment first riyash siap dibakar, dia pun bangun from his sleeps. My Cik Asben sememangnya awal-awal lagi dah reserved 2-3 keping riyash just for Arif. Mau meraung mamat sorang ni nanti tak dapat makan riyash.

Unfortunately Haazem was unable to enjoy all those good foods (macam la dia kisah sangat). Akibat kepenatan yang amat sangat, tertidur kat sofa sampai la later Cik Asben angkut bawak masuk bilik. 

Me, after two pieces of riyash and a butter prawn terus sakit kepala (as expected pun). Ape lagi, telan dua biji panadol and I'm off to sleep. Padan muka to me..

This morning, while dok kemas-kemas barang-barang dari last night bbq, ada la jumpa some leftovers. Confirmed masuk tong sampah la ni. Me.. tak brani la nak cari pasal. Today is Thursday and I have a lot and a lot of things to be done. Okey, I'm going to continue with all the cleaning up.. Until later.. daaaaa..

The leftovers - what a waste...

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