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Monday, January 16, 2012

Picnic time - Egaila Beach

Picture of me Ani, Azie & Zaza (from Zaza's fb album)

Picture of me & HAWA's geng (from Zaza's fb album)

Picture of me Azie, Zura & Zaza (from Zaza's fb album)

 The ADAM's geng (from Nordin's fb album)

My Cik Asben (man in the middle) also from Zaza's fb album

Here are some photos that I would like to share taken during our picnic on last 23rd Dec 2011 at Egaila's Beach. We sure had a wonderful time then. Unfortunately, kids photo are not available in this album (me la) because of most of the time they were so busy running here and there playing with others. Me.. macam laa rajin sangat nak pi kejar dia orang kat playground tu. Dah laa jauh sikit dari lokasi MAKANAN.. furthermore my three boys were soooo SHY (kunun) for their photo to be taken. Bukan sebab malu pun sebenarnya.. tapi as I said earlier.. too busy dok main.. "Ambik gambar" will surely bazir their precious and limited time to catch-up with other friends.

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