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Friday, January 20, 2012

Ohhhh.. what a day, today..

Assalamualaikum all, 

Ohhhh... what a day like today. If only I could lay  down heavenly like nothing bothers me.. If only.. My day today starts as early as 6.15am. We got this Sukan Rakyat organized by MAK at Ahmadi Park. The event was initially planned to start on 9.00am. Tapi biasa la kan.. janji Melayu.. Bangun je pagi.. terus bukak lappy. Sempat pulak ym dengan Angah Norlin.. ada gossip terbaru.. which I'm not interested to share it here. Tak berapa menarik punnn.. 

Later, sambil-sambil masak gulai ikan talapia ngan peria tu, sempat la jugak skodeng wall a few of "the regulars".. but I guessed it's "hari Jumaat" and semua busy dok kejar masa sebab nak habiskan kerja before signing off for the weekend. So less communication with "the regulars" la. Then all the sudden.. ALAMAK.. dah pukul 7.45am.. baru la kelam kabut nak masak nasi, nak siapkan anak-anak, nak mandi, nak itu, nak ini.. etc etc etc..

On arriving at the park, another ALAMAK.. ada road block pulak.. My Cik Asben mana ada lesen kereta yang sah.. guna lesen AGUNG je ni.. yakni.. lesen antarabangsa la. Once you already entitled for a Civil ID, the Lesen Agong is no longer VALID. But as usual la, my Cik Asben calm and relax.. reason being.. kalau ada bawak family, the Pak Polisi here macam tak kisah sangat.. Okey, so setel satu bahagian.

Sampai kat park, masih ramai yang belum SAMPAI (macam biasa la) even its already showing 9.30am. So we settled down, susun barang and later joined the rest for breakfast. Jamuan.. ape lagi.. nasi goreng, nasi lemak, mihun goreng, mi goreng and all sorts of yummylicious kueh-kueh Melayu. Me.. semua rasa serba-sikit.

Then, gradually yang lain pun mulai sampai. Agenda laga-laga pipi pun bermula. Macam la lama sangat dah tak jumpa.. tapi dah biasa macam tu, dah macam culture la pulak. Whereas my kids.. those three macam dah kenyang sebab nak pi main terus.. Rugi babe..

Seterusnya, maka bermula la agenda Sukan Rakyat ke-2.. But to my most sincere opinion.. last  year punya Sukan Rakyat was even more gempak and best gilos.. no offense ya.. that just me..

Here, are some pictures taken during the event.. including my gulai ikan talapia with peria.

A game called "teng-teng".. credit to Azura's fb album
(Zura.. mintak halal akak cilok gambar ni ya)
This is the only picture I have featuring Amsyar in it.. susah dah nak ajak bergambar Bujang Sulong ni.

The event was later officiall declared "bersurai" on 3.00pm. Me.. memang tak ada mood sangat la nak join all the games.. sebabnya my Cinonet asyik nak berkepittt jer.. hatta, nak main satu game pun tak sempat. Hurmmm..

On the way back, kami singgah kejap di HRC at Gulf Road. Me.. nak beli a few HRC magnets for my exchange project as well as ada Malaysian collectors yang berkirim for it. Later, Cik Asben pulak sambung dia nyer projek lensa and here are two pictures taken during the evening.

Then, at last.. sampai kat rumah dah almost 5.30pm.. PENAT !!!!! But perut pulak lapar.. but the kids pulak are all still with their lazy moods and mengantuk. So we let them sambung their sleep for another hour. But at the very last hour.. me.. just can't stand the hungriness and I just don't  have the energy to cook for dinner. Solution... dine out la. So O.C la tempat dituju. At last.. I closed today's diary with some of the very fine super delicious dishes pictures but unfortunately when you're just too tired, all those food can't just fit the stomach very well. My portion was Kueh Tiaw Ratna. On any one fine day, I formally can easily finishes all the portion, but not tonight. Just my bad.. So, the moment I paste these two last pictures, I just hope I can happily go straight to sleep..

Signing off for now.. and I'm off to ZZzzZZzzZZzzZZzz land..


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