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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just another busy Saturday

Son and dad.. see the resemblance??

Indeed yesterday was one extremely busy, full of activities and joyfullest Saturday. Our bright Saturday  morning starts with the  kids karate class at 9.30am (which formally ends at 11.00-11.30am) only this time we asked permission from Sensei Yahya to finish the class a bit early because Cik Asben has to be at the Cozmo Bowling at 11.00am. His company got this some sort of employees get together day there. Bukan family day pun and not a tournament as well. Just one time get together..

We arrived there around 11.05am (biasalah knowing my Cik Asben - timing is very important). Not so many of others yang dah sampai pun. My kids, being there bagai pucuk dicita.. bola bowling jadi mangsa. Sempat la dia orang main dua frame. Si Cinonet pun sama sibuk jugak. Walhal bola bowling tu Ibu rasa lagi besar dari kepala dia. Well, together accompanied with Ija's daughters .. the kids was indeed having fun.

Ayuni a.k.a Kak Yang posing with her 6kg bowling ball

Lunch was very simple but yet tasty indeed. Ibu tak tau pun ape yang Ibu makan semalam. Selamber je celah tumpang lunch Ija and Kak Yong. My breakfast was rather a bit heavy yesterday. I had one full tray of hot cakes (lempeng la) at Mac Donald while waiting for Amsyar and Haazem to finish their class. So since its still early, makan lebih kurang saja la dulu. As you can see below, that is just one normal portion of the regular take-away spaghetti and its been shared between me, Ija, Kak Yong and Sofiya. Mujur share empat orang, otherwise.. 

My lunch (actually share hat Ija and Kak Yong)

After lunch we decided to roam around City Center for a while. Tengok-tengok ape yang patut.. baju ke, kasut ke, handbag ke, beli groceries ke.. etc etc etc. One thing nice about the City Center Salmiyah, although its not as fancy as 360 Mall or the Avenues but yet it can cater almost everything  that you want. From foods, games for the kids, accessories for the ladies, gadgets for the guys.. just name it. Price range.. okey la jugak.

At last, after a while we reached our home sweet home just around Asar. Penat weiii.. Tengok tv, tak ada pulak cerita yang best, the boys dah dok layan hal masing-masing la, Cik Asben too already with his "things".. leaving me alone with this perut yang baru mula nak berkeroncong. Nak masak, not so in the mood.. nak tapau from Subway or Great Steak, malas nak turun bawah. Solution.. ajak Cik Asben pi terjah pulak Souk Mubarakiyah maybe for riyash or ikan bakar??

After some ITU and INI between me and the kids, finally we are off to Souk Mubarakiyah pulak. Its almost 8.30pm when our first dish sampai. For dinner we ordered ikan bakar (ikan jenahak kut) and it was very delicious, mix grill and rice. To my surprise, my boys too was enjoying their dinner as much as I am. Maybe sebab dah lapar sangat kut but sincerely, the food was alhamdulillah.. sedapppppp sangat. Even Cik Asben pun kata sedap. Ada peluang datang lagi ni. Selalunya kalau kami pi makan kat Souk Mubarakiyah ni, kami makan riyash je. Tu sebab Haazem tak brape layan sangat tempat ni. Dia kan jenis yang simple but yet a bit selective I might say. Since the food was agreeing with him, senang la kalau nak pi sini lagi.

Bahan bukti exhibit A - sebelum operasi dig in..

Bahan bukti exhibit B - licin babe.. memang berbaloi

Last agenda at Souk Mubarakiyah. Besides riyash, abayah and those sort of middle east things.. we also formally buy our tulang lembu and ekor kat sini. Beli kat sini lagi puas hati.. and the price too, considered a bit cheaper then the normal prices offered at those mall. Pilihan pun banyak, tapi kita orang dah ada favorite shop kat sini. The owner pun dah faham sangat dengan taste kita orang.. senang macam tu kan. And that too ends our Saturday. Balik umah la, penat dah ni. Amsyar pun nak sekolah esok...

 Cik Asben tengah dok pilih tulang lembu

Cik Asben, Amsyar and Haazem with Abdul Salam, the shop owner

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