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Monday, January 23, 2012

Pulut kuning with sambal tumis udang ngan petai


Hampir sama tapi tak serupa pun. Semalam nasi lemak sambal tumis udang. Hari ni, pulut kuning ngan sambal tumis udang ngan petai.

Yang sebetulnya last night Ibu ada jemput few friends to come to the house for a small gathering over dinner. Lauk-pauk.. well. there are gulai daging salai ngan mangga, sambal tumis udang berpetai and last but not least, sayur rampai. Unfortunately, non of it have survived any of picture sessions. I was totally screwed up. Jemput tetamu pukul 8pm and only by 7.55pm baru la semua siap. From cuci toilet, cuci dapur, vacuum rumah, buang sampah.. not to mention those miscellaneous. All caused by Arif Si Cinonet. Please believed me when I tell you that I was so distracted dengan kerenah-kerenah dia. Nak itu, nak ini, nak makan itu, nak makan ini.. and the list goes on and on and on forever. I just don't know what got into him. Kalau tak dilayan.. mula la buat peil  lain pulak. But alhamdulillah.. everything was going perfectly as plan. Accept for the "gosok baju" which I only managed to do later that night.

The dinner was adjured around 10.30pm, school night kan and furthermore some of them got an early morning shift tomorrow and the kids needs their sleep as well. Lain la dengan my kids, they can last until 12 midnite (petang dah tidur). 

Only then I realized there are some leftovers of sambal tumis udang. So.. ape lagi.. terus rendam pulut la. The process of soaking the glutinous rice actually is about a few hours only but I prefer to do it over night. It shall make the glutinous rice softer and easier to be steamed. End result, the "pulut kuning" shall be more softer and stickier. The kids loves it especially Arif.

So this very morning, Ibu pun kukuskan pulut kuning tu. It only took me about 25-30 minutes.. and while waiting for my glutinous rice to ready, Ibu masak sedikit santan which later shall be applied to my pulut kuning. This will make the pulut kuning even more softer and extra delicious (well that what my mom thought me to do so).
So there you have it, pulut kuning with sambal tumis udang ngan petai.. btw, I'm sure gonna have a  BIG problem cleaning up again my toilet tomorrow... hurmmmm...

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