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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family treat at Mais Al-Ghanim

Assalamualaikum & a very good morning.. (macam la ada orang nak baca post nih)

Last night we went dine out again.. selain nak meng-utilised gift vaucher from Mais As-Ghanim (pemberian MAK), Ibu masih tak ada mood nak masak. Hati ku masih terluka.. bab masak-masak pun boleh ada orang SENTAP.. adoiiiii.. only now I can understand those Mat Gebu nyer mumbling bila kengkadang dia kata dia TERSENTUH HATI bila ada orang gets annoyed with his cooking. Nasib baik my boys pun tak banyak bising.. ye la, kan dia orang dah biasa bila balik dari sekolah, lunch dah siap menunggu. My secret recipe.. offer dia orang makan meggi jer.. and furthermore they have missed their Meggi weekly treat last week. Jumaat was tapau treat after back from Solat Jumaat  (who can resist Hardezzzz) and Sabtu pulak ada bbq at Green Island..

Okey, back to my family dinner story. Well, at first those three boys were reluctant to dine out. Biasalah, malas nak bersiap. Macam anak pompuan la pulak. But I forever insisted we dine out. Memang malas tahap gaban tul la malam tadi. So I called Azura to consult with her whether there are anything interesting for my two boys. I'm not so worry about Amsyar. He can bedal almost on anything.. but it is Haazem and Arif I'm most concerned about. As per Azura.. banyak jer benda bebudak ni boleh layan. They even have this seafood special offer during winter. So, ape lagi.. off we go to Mais Al-Ghanim at Kuwait City.

On arriving at the said location, its already 7.30pm. The crowds are not so heavy at that particular time so we could picked on our desirable table almost everywhere. Best kan.. the boys pulak.. terus celik mata sebab nampak ada funland at the back of the restaurant. Nampakkkkk ajer bebudak ni. So after ordering few dishes.. we chat while waiting for the foods to arrive. Tak lama mana pun.. Less than 10 minutes, makanan dah sampai.. cepat kan..

The food, alhamdulillah.. sedap babe. Even my tenderloin steak was way much better than those that I had at TGI's Friday restaurant. Cik Asben had riyash (siap order for second plate - sedap sangat la tu). We ordered  chicken wings for Arif, Haazem asked for fish fillet (his was the most expensive among all, 6KD tu) and lastly Amsyar pulak nak beef and chicken tikka.

The the good things about the place, its just so relaxing, cozy and the kids was really enjoying their food.  The other Arabs who dine there, were all well mannered. Biasalah.. kat sini mentang-mentang la Tanah Arab, they thought they could do ANYTHING.. Communication wise, okey la. Almost 80% of the staffs can conversed in English very well. This is very important for us for our Arabic's is not so very good. Pening kepala pulak nanti nak order makanan kalau bercakap macam "itik ngan ayam". My boys, they even asked us to go there again, SOON!!!. Selalu tak boleh la sayang oiiii.. Kopak poket ayah nanti.

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