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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 Picture credit to Encik Gugel

Assalamuaaikum all,

Friendship.. just how do we actually evaluate the value of friendship. Is it in the matter of how we can "click" with the other party? or how we actually can rely on the value of one friendship itself. It is a matter of a very subjective things, isn't it? Me, I actually prefer to see it as one bond with another person that knows the value of the word itself and the value it carries. One say..a friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future and accepts you just the way you are. Nevertheless, a friend too is the roses of life. Pick them carefully and avoid the thorns.

Living here in the Land of Barakah, Kuwait.. I too can't escape from having all sorts of blues among the ones who so called "friends". As I get older I though that I too get wiser. Well, definitely I am not. Now and then I always get caught in the middle or  even worst being a subject of the evil gossiping. Well, is it too typical to relates women with GOSSIP. Don't they have better things to do besides gossiping?? Well, hell.. yeahhhh.. in the gym, in the kitchen, in the park or the nowadays trend.. in the Facebook, there is gossip everywhere.

We, seldom assumed people can understand ourself for actually we are totally wrong. Nobody can have the same way we think. We have to anticipate that not even our husband, childrens, parents or even the ones we called friends can do so. Now and then, we might ended-up having disagreements upon somethings. Nevertheless, only our creator knows best of what we are. And that is actually why only to Him we should rely on our frustration, sadness, happiness and whatnot. And only Allah too can gives us the total comfort.

So for whatever that we experienced between friends, try to forgive even better learn to forget. Start living in a low profile life is one of it too. Saying is much easier than doing it. Hence to recuperate those time, reading good material can helps. Paying less attention to any gossip is one healthy way to start your fresh day. Just ignore those that makes you uncomfortable. Spent within your financial ability. Adapt to things within your own means and within your own way.  Try to think of people especially friends in their best quality. Don't worry too much of what people think of you. What goes around will comes around. Some say, if people stops talking to you, they start talking about you!!! Too bad... just don't give a damn about it.

At the same time, think of the actual and first reason why we are here. Insya'Allah, if we think it is for the best of ourself, our family, our childrens, our future.. things will turn out to be the way how we want it to be. Last but not least, friends too come in handy in this matter. Therefore be more wiser with those who are around you. A bonus I might add if you fall into the hands of those people that know and appreciate the value of your friendship.

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