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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ayam goreng kunyit ngan asparagus

Its dinner time.
Masak simple-simple aje la ya. Asyik dengan menggulai pun jemu jugak. Nak masak asam pedas, cili blend pulak dah habis. Tapi perut nak nasik jugak. Solution.. as the above. Yang ini insya'Allah Haazem boleh makan (hopefully). So tonight I'm cooking ayam goreng kunyit with asparagus. Well, I believed he will only go for the chicken fillet. The rest.. ahhhhh, don't think so.

To those that a bit unfamiliar with the process of preparing the dish, well.. it s very easy to prepare thus I can bet even my eldest son can do it on his own (with me being beside him). Hence, if you're interested.. well you can have a look here.

Cuma satu pesan dari Ibu, tekstur daging ayam lebih ringan jika dibandingkan dengan daging. Oleh itu ia lebih cepat kering jika dibandingkan dengan daging. So you might want to prepare all the sidekicks before you start cooking. Otherwise, you might ended-up running here and there or the chicken fillet might get burn. (unless you're really a pro).

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